Social media has taken over!

In a world where social media has taken over the world, it is easy to delude ourselves that with a few likes, a few comments or followers that we are relevant.

But outside the filters, away from the screen who are we turning into? It feels we spend more time trying to show the world the life we want them to believe. Only attend events just to put it on snap chat so others know that we were there. Dress up and reveal all just to post up on Instagram and get likes.

Some people have thousands of followers and living the dream online, but away from social media they are not as happy as they present themselves to be.

Social Media is blessing but also could a curse. I can see that through social media platforms we are able to promote things, self market, reach people that we did not think was possible and achieve more than we can imagine. I have seen people reach amazing opportunities, find life partners and start international businesses because of Social media platforms and the exposure it gives.

But also with social media i have seen that it opens doors of insecurity, breaks relationships because everyone is spying on each other using the same platform. Some people even get fired from what they post on their personal media sites.

Sometimes I do wonder, what happened to true communication. Everyone seems to be moving online. I wonder if it will eventually take away from our social, physical interaction.

What happened to gong out to eat without the whole world seeing what was on our plate or going out without sharing where we were, who we were with and what we did? What happened to protecting our innermost feelings, our privacy and self preservation?

I don’t believe we are defined by how many likes we get – but I can see that more likes we get the bigger the platform to share a message that will one day will pay for our God given talents.

I am not discouraging the use of social media but I am definitely asking you to be more mindful of your use of social media and looking more into the intentions of posting some things up, because once it is out there- it is out there. Something’s we can not retrieve.

Hope this left you with food for thought.

Have a lovely week ahead
Crystal Williamsud


Crystal Williams UD is the founder of Thinking Out Loud which is a conference held each year that encourages self love, promotes self-worth and most importantly empowers to feel comfortable in the skin that they are in. Crystal Williams is an affluent Poet, Motivational Speaker and Author. Her books have sold worldwide in the UK, Canada and USA.

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  1. Social media makes the world….


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