The final one for this session of side chics is the Leftover takers are women who purposely target men who are in relationships. They volunteer to be ‘side chics’, ‘mistresses’, ‘the other woman’ and ‘friends with benefits’. They usually have set intentions and selfish desires to fulfill. I call them the leftover takers because they do not mind taking the leftovers. They are usually fully aware of their role, how to act in public and what to do in private.


They enjoy taking the leftovers, passion, excitement and company without any commitment involved. They can even visit the family home, introduce themselves to the partners and act as harmless souls, whilst they take the leftovers of your man. They are not usually detected and do not always become emotionally involved or attached, but when they do…that can become a dangerous game. I believe they are the modern day Delilah’s.


She is content with her role

She is content with the role that she plays. In her mind she is convinced that she is getting the better half of the deal and does not see her share as a ‘left over’. She knows when to call him and what days he has set apart for her and she manages it accordingly.


She convinces herself that she is doing nothing wrong

She feels no guilt and convinces herself that she is doing nothing wrong, in fact sometimes she feels his main partner should thank her for being the other woman and believes if it were not her it would be someone else that he would be cheating with. She often feels better and higher than his main partner and convinces herself that she is doing something right and that is why he keeps coming back to her. Also these types of ‘side chics’ can be persistent and difficult to shake off.


Abstract from my book “Women, side chics and the others”


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Crystal Williams



Crystal Williams UD is the founder of Thinking Out Loud which is a conference held each year that encourages self love, promotes self-worth and most importantly empowers to feel comfortable in the skin that they are in. Crystal Williams is an affluent Poet, Motivational Speaker and Author. Her books have sold worldwide in the UK, Canada and USA.

3 comments on “THE LEFTOVERS TAKERS- Side chics

  1. I agree with this post…and that is a pretty basic bitch… I take that back…I don’t practice passing judgments on how people choose to live their lives as it is theirs and I should respect their right to live how they want and it is unfair for me to judge them based on my standards or on what I would or wouldn’t do…

    This is another post that i’d like to suggest you give a read and tell me what you think…

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    • Lol… its hard to sit back and take a neutral view on this type of side chic especially if it is your man they are after, but I believe there is a deeper emotion and issues around self esteem that enables a woman to want and aim to be a side chic. My book explores this further. I will look at your link.x

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      • You are so right…it is hard and it sucks that you have to be threatened by these kinds of women instead of being confident that your man will not respond to their advances. Few are far and inbetween who will do this but we all know the vast majority of men are seemingingly more often that not looking to break a nut! I remember a quote from the movie best man “the only thing better than pussy is new pussy” 🙈

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