Being Single… Is the grass greener?

There is something about looking out and always feeling the grass is greener on the other side. Those in relationships slightly envy the lives of those who are single and those who are single somewhat want to find their own Mr or Mrs Right.


The beauty about being single is the endless opportunities that appear to be open, without needing permission to go out, to look hot and be wild with friends. However things change when the friends you used to go wild with are all settling down or outgrowing the things you enjoy most. This is sometimes where the longing for a soul mate comes in. A partner in crime or in fun should I say.


Also being a single parent can deter you from wanting a partner. You are cautious who you bring into your child’s life and sometimes the thought of a painful relationship does not seem worth it. Your child becomes your companion; you don’t feel lonely because someone shares that emotional space. However as my father always says, one day that child grows and leaves the nest and who will fill that space?


There is something amazing about building a future with someone, building memories and raising a family in love. There is also a peace about being single, enjoying your own space and company. The ability and time to self reflect on past relationships and standards of what your next relationship will look like.


Personally, I think there is nothing more attractive than a woman comfortable in her own skin, that loves everything about her life. I love single women who take care of themselves, beaming in beauty. You look at her and can tell that she is complete with or without a man beside her. She has self-respect for her self and has a vision in mind.


I also admire the women who are in love with their relationships and the families they have built. They restore the hope of love and building a beautiful life with another. Looking at their love puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling within; giving me a vision of what life could look like.


I don’t believe the grass is any greener on either side, but each person makes their situation look beautiful because of the way they carry it. Singe or in a relationship; enjoy what you have and where you are. Enjoy the journey.


Lots of love

Crystal Williams UD


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