I wonder if beauty ever comes without the beast

I wonder if the beauty of every journey or relationship ever comes without its hardships? Every person I meet has a story of a painful journey that they have endured. Just like a caterpillar they are in the middle of breaking through and finding strength in their new found wings, to soar.


I admire their strength and tenacity but look forward, hoping my journey does not have to be so difficult. Then I look on the other side of life to people who swear by their methods, claiming life has been a pack of rosés without a single thorn or prick. Every picture is picture perfect. Their smiles and laughter so genuine, however I question are you truly happy or do you choose not to share your sadness with the world?



Personally I have faced the beast of my journeys, almost giving up during the battles I have faced. However when I have seen how far I have come, the great times and the past lows, it gives me strength and enthusiasm about my tomorrow. I have hope that greatness is ahead and if I give up now I may not get a chance to see it. So I push through until I break through.


I dislike the injustice I see, the beast of life. Like school the bullies in the playground try to push aside those they envy, but the race is not for the swift alone.


I look ahead and all I hope and dream of, I write. I share. I fall in love with. I walk each day to be closer to the image I imagine.


Each day I get that much more brave and dare to believe and have dreams that even I laugh at. I dare to encourage others even on days that I find myself grasping for air; needing encouragement. I get strength from those I love, arms readily available to hold my frailness in the way that they know how to.


I dare to look at the beauty of the roses despite the thorns that prick my fingertips, admiring the color and growth and their change of forms.  I look at the rose and admire that it can grow so beautiful despite the thorns on its side.
Perhaps my thorns are not so bad and I can blossom still so beautifully amongst the pain I have endured.



With love

Crystal Williams ud



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